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Laura Saadati-Kepper

After earning  a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from California State University at Chico, Laura began tattooing in San Francisco in 1994, at the world renounded Primal Urge Studios. There she was fortunate enough to get to learn from and tattoo with some of the best tattooers in the business including her partner Marcus Pacheco. In 2001 She went to work at Inksmith and Rogers, one of the most historical and respected shops in American Tattooing. In 2004 She moved to Nashville with her longtime love, tattooer Mike Kepper, to be closer to family and open their own cutom studio and Music City Tattoo was born. Laura enjoys working in a variety of styles, American Traditional, Japanese, black and grey, and cover-ups. No tattoo is too small or too large.

Mike Kepper

Mike fell in Love  with tattooing as a child. He became a professional skateboarder at the ripe age of 17 for Shut Skate Boards in NY, then H Street in San Diego, and finally he was the 1st pro for Think Skateboards in SF. where he met Laura. After retiring from skating he devoted his engery to tattooing which had always been present in his life. He began tattooing fulltime in 2001 for the legendary Inksmith and Rogers where he honed his craft and learned the history and roots of Traditioal tattooing and created his own stlye. He is also a pretty good storyteller and there always seems to be laughter coming from his station-Check it out-

dave lopez


 Dave is our resident "Guest Artist" who works here at least every other month. Dave comes from a renouned multigenerational Tattoo family in NY and owns Ron and Dave's Tattoo in Staten Island with his father a 40 year tattoo legend. Dave is Mike's oldest Childhood friend and also met Laura in 1998 when he got tattooed at Primal Urge in SF. Dave is a globetrotter and is always traveling for work along with coming here he makes frequent trips to Japan where he tattoos at One Shot Tattoo. Dave can pretty much tattoo anything, Check it out for yourself.

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